Fence Me  LbNA # 30860 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 12 2007
CountyFort Bend
LocationSugar Land, TX
Planted Byrattayaoaky    
Found By Brownie Pups
Last Found Mar 1 2013
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is placed by Oaky and Ammy!!

This sealed bag of a letterbox is hidden in Sugar Land in Lost Creek Park, where a few other letterboxes are well placed there. This is our first letterbox placed so we owe greatly to Silver Eagle and gramatrick for inspiring us!


Go 59 South, exit Williams Trace Blvd. Turn left under the freeway. Turn left on Lexington Blvd. Turn right on Settlers Way (which is the second stop sign). Turn left on Lost Creek Blvd, in which you should look for after the first stop sign. This road leads you into the park itself. Park the furthest left you can park.


Get yourself on the sidewalk and start walking north, which is going to your left. You will see soccer fields. You will also see a green fence outlining the soccer field on your right. The lamp post you come to (#25), stop, and turn right where you will walk with the green fence on your right and tall bushes on your left. After counting 14 posts on the fence, stop, look to the left and there is a small opening in the bushes. A small tree will stand before you with split trunk. The letterbox is wedged in that split.

At one point, the fence splits, where a section is moved off a bit for an entrance to the soccer field. Don't count the posts from the fence that has been split off. Please let us know the status, enjoy and please keep it hidden!