British Occupation of Eastport 1814-1818  LbNA # 30867

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Placed DateMay 13 2007
LocationEastport, ME
Found By Hyperion
Last Found Jul 8 2014
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Directions: From Route 1 take Route 190 to Eastport. Take a left onto High Street opposite the Bangor Savings Bank building. Take a right onto Adams Street after passing Shead High School. Take your next right, onto McKinley Street, which leads to the remains of the old British powder house. There is a small parking lot next to the ruins.

On July 18, 1814 Eastport Maine USA was occupied by the British. This started a four year occupation which saw Eastport and a large portion of eastern Maine either occupied by or under threat of occupation by the British. During that time Eastport became part of New Brunswick, Canada, and the British Empire. On that July day the Stars and Stripes was lowered from the flagpole at Fort Sullivan to be replaced by the Union Jack. Even after word of peace reached England in February 1815, British forces remained in Eastport, which they insisted had always been a part of New Brunswick, by dint of it being an island. Eastport, a British commissioner stated, is British, "as much so as Northamptonshire".

Facing the powder house a trail leads off to the right. Follow the trail to the two granite benches which overlook Friar Roads and across to Campobello Island. Continue on the trail towards Adams Street. When you round the ledge, which holds the two benches, look for a small grouping of stumps next to the ledge on your left. The box is hidden there.