Birthplace of American Legion Baseball--BOX IS MIS  LbNA # 30877 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWhirly-Girl Wanna Be    
Placed DateMay 13 2007
LocationMilbank, SD
Found By Bloomin' Gramma Jo
Last Found Aug 25 2007
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***This letterbox is missing***

This letterbox is a "gimme" in case you are just passing through Milbank and don't have a lot of time. Look for Unity Square, a large grey cement structure off Hwy 12 on the east side of Milbank. This is the community recreation center, and it's the first thing you come to on the west side of the cemetery. As you turn into the Unity Square parking lot, you will see a granite marker commemorating Milbank as the Birthplace of American Legion baseball. The legion baseball field is on the south side of the lot. There's a sidewalk leading to the field, right next to a handicapped parking spot. Enter on this sidewalk, and follow it to the right. You'll see a bike rack up against the metal wall. Before you come to the bike rack, there are three short bushes. The letterbox is hidden in the center of the middle one.
The American Legion held their convention in Milbank, SD in 1925,and on July 17, they passed the resolution to begin a baseball program, making Milbank the official birthplace of American Legion baseball. Since that year,over 10 million young men have participated in the program. This letterbox is to honor my town of Milbank, and to honor my dad,who for decades helped to run the Legion baseball program in his hometown of Burlington, North Carolina.