Signal Oak  LbNA # 30881

Placed DateMay 11 2007
LocationBaldwin City, KS
Planted ByHunting for Boxes    
Found By hiking10
Last Found Sep 26 2012
Hike Distance?

From Baldwin City go North on County Road 1055 or 1700 Road. Turn right on County Road 12 or 400 N. Go to the first left. This road is angled and is gravel. Go around the curve at the top of the hill and down the road until you see a magnificant view. If you turn and start down a hill you have gone too far. Some days there is a nice yellow lab that will meet you. Go to the green Signal Oak sign and read it. At the sign turn your back to the road and look for two oaks that come from one that make a "V". Look behind these trees and you will find the box under half a stump and other sticks. Enjoy and hide it better then before.