Bluegrass #1  LbNA # 30887 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 12 2007
LocationEvansville, IN
Planted Bybawa    
Found By printrswife
Last Found May 10 2015
Hike Distance?

*We have verified this box is missing. We hope to replace it soon. Others in the series appear to still be active.7/15/07

We started our letterboxing with pre-made stamps
But on a rainy day, we decided to try our hands
At creating our own stamps, both big kids and small
We all found it challenging but we all had a ball!

We’ve started a series for the bluegrass lakes
It’s a fish and wildlife area; we hope we’ve got what it takes.
Please remember, we’re amateur artists
It’s all about the fun, not the skill for us!

In Warrick County, Indiana, there’s a really beautiful lake and more,
You go west on Boonville –New Harmony Road, then cross I-164.
The first of the lakes you will find to your left,
There is a place where a map will guide you on your treck.

The first in the series you will find right here and grab a map,
You’ll need it to find other boxes, plus bug spray and long pants!
You’re in a great state for fishing and hunting
Indiana will help you stamp something!

The stamp you are looking for is under the maps,
Look for the box in camo colors; it’s a tight squeeze ‘cause the box is too fat!
For the rest of the clues in this series of stamps, don’t look for a rhyme
Because we planted 6 boxes so far and we’ve run out of time.

The next five boxes are in bluegrass too
We’ve gotten less creative with the rest of our clues
We hope you’ll have fun just looking around
For stamps in this pretty north side of town!

With all boxes in the Blue Grass series, we recommend you wear long pants, have on old shoes, and take along bug spray. You’ll also want to be careful to check for ticks when you get home!