Fairy man takes a walk  LbNA # 30894

OwnerYa Ya Mommy    
Placed DateMay 13 2007
LocationBradenton, FL
Found By number1doglover
Last Found Jun 22 2015
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Fairy man takes a walk

This letterbox is located very near "The Stray Dog" letterbox.

Start in the parking lot of G.T. Bray Park located off 51st Street West (there is more than one entrance/parking lot).

Walk between the playground and the amphitheater and pick up the walking path. Follow the winding path, staying on the pavement and always bearing right. You will pass the stray dog and resting bench. When you reach a 'T' turn right and walk to the end of the path. Here the path ends where the park property meets a residential street. Stand up against the wood pole placed in the pavement to prevent vehicle traffic with your back to the street. Walk 15 paces back into the park just past twin pines. On your right, off the path, is a small grouping of four medium size rocks. Fairy Man is gathering supplies in the empty space where rock #3 is leaning against rock #4.

There is an abundance of natural building material in the park. You may be inspired to build a fairy house yourself (www.fairyhouses.com).