The Red Brick Box  LbNA # 30908

Placed DateApr 27 2007
CountySan Juan
LocationFarmington, NM
Found By Children of the Forest
Last Found May 29 2015
Hike Distance?

Little did we know at the time, but this is Farmington's First Letterbox.
The original box (now missing) was planted 4-27-07. This was a sad loss of a great logbook, many wonderful visitors checked in.
Another box was replanted 4-27-2010 and that box went missing. In anticipation of the May event in the park this box has been replanted 3-8-2015 and moved down on the wall a little in hopes it wasn't in such a popular location.

First find your way to the Four Corners City of Farmington New Mexico. Find Main Street and go to the Intersection of Main and San Juan Blvd. Turn SW on San Juan Blvd. until you find the street Fairview (it is easy to miss there will be a small brown sign that says Berg Park at this street) turn south. Follow the road it will turn right changing into River street. Go until you find the parking lot by the playground. Welcome to Berg Park.

Starting at this playground by the bridge, follow the path east towards the bridge, DON'T CROSS THE BRIDGE, keep heading down the path until you see two yellow barrier gates and go through them to the right. Keep to the river side trails. Walk until you see a sign that says Cobble Center and follow the arrow. Keep walking until you pass through two copper topped pillars. Head through them and find the wet world globe surrounded by 5 eagles. Find the eagle that says Department of the Navy U.S. Marine Corps. Face the way this eagle is and go 50 regular paces and STOP!!! Turn left for a garden wall and follow it to the end and look for the one red brick. Behind it is what you are looking for. Please be very discreet, this can be a VERY busy place and the grounds are well kept. Do a good job of putting things back the way you found them. Enjoy the beauty of the park.

Aspen and Cuddlebug would like to thank their girl scout troop 1584, “The Royal Tree Sniffers,” for help with the placement of this box. We girl scouts would like to remind you to please carry out more trash than you carry in!