Cody's Letter Box  LbNA # 30938

Placed DateMay 14 2007
Location300 S University Dr, West Bend, WI
Found By tizzie
Last Found Oct 17 2013
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 13 2015

Location: Washington County Ridge Run Park
Distance: Approximately 1 Mile
Terrain: Ice Age Hiking Trail
Difficulty: Easy

This search begins on the west side of West Bend.

From Washington Street (STH 33) travel south on W Scenic Drive approximately 1 mile until you come to a "Ridge" where "Wheat" grows! Proceed down the "Lane" cautiously, the entrance to the park is a little narrow for vehicular traffic.

As you enter the back side of Ridge Run Park you will see the Ice Age Trail off to your right. Continue into the parking lot of the park. Once you are safely parked, in the park, make your way back on foot to the hiking trail you passed on your way into the park.

Strole down the Ice Age Trail at your leisure, keeping an eye on the chainlink fence on your left. At the point where the chainlink fence ends, look to your right. Approximately 5 yards off the trail you will see "One" of "Many" that you have passed along the way. This "One" of "Many" is considerably "Larger" than the others.

Under some of the smaller ones, on the right side of the "One" of "Many", you will find the box you're looking for!

Stamp up and leave a message!

As you have discovered "Cody" is my walking companion who loves to explore the Moraines and Kettles of the Ice Age Trail, in hopes of finding a chipmunk or two who would like to become friends. Haven't found any yet that stick around very long to get to know, but you never know what's around the next bend in the trail.

Hope you enjoyed Cody's first letterbox!

I'm sad to report my little buddy is now chasing chipmunks in doggie heaven. After battling an illness for just about a year, Cody is now in a better place. As a memorial, I will continue to maintain Cody's Letterbox.

Cody's letterbox was recently checked and still in excellent condition!