Powell Gardens' Byron Shutz Nature Trail Box  LbNA # 30958

OwnerByron Shutz Natr Tr    
Placed DateMay 16 2007
LocationKingsville, MO
Found By Byron Shutz Natr Tr
Last Found Jul 20 2015
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Powell Gardens' Byron Shutz Nature Trail Box

*NOW with a new, hand-carved POWELL GARDENS STAMP!! Thank you, SpankyKC!!!!

The Powell Gardens' Byron Shutz Nature Trail Box is easy to find if you follow the clues. First, start at the Trail Head of the Byron Shutz Nature Trail. To get there, ask the receptionist at the Visitor's Center at Powell. Begin the trail. Follow the trail until you reach a large Swamp White Oak. You will have two choices of direction. Go right (ENE). Follow the mulch and grass trail until you reach a fallen, giant Shagbark Hickory. Continue 40 paces until you cross over a split Osage Orange. Twelve more paces takes you to a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and continue uphill 20 paces. Stop and you should see a narrow, worn path to the right (NE) leading from the main trail. Under the shade of a small hickory tree is a stump. Take the narrow path to the stump (NE) then peek around the hickory tree. You will find a birdbox that is not. Inside this (and only this) birdbox is the treasure you seek.

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