Zig-zag Trial  LbNA # 30978

Placed DateMay 15 2007
LocationFaribault, MN
Found By incrediblemagpie
Last Found Jan 7 2012
Hike Distance?

Note: Sometime in July or August of 2009, the tree under which the box was planted toppled on top of the box. So the box was replaced to a nearby location and the clue adjusted accordingly.

Anna Graham was a schoolmate of mine many years ago. She was a terribly clever girl. She would read several books a week turning in extra book reports for extra credit. She thrived on word games like scramble and loved to work those jumble puzzles in the newspaper. She tried to send me notes in which the letters in the words were scrambled, but I never did catch on. Recently, after many years, I recieved a letter from her about a hidden betterlox, whatever that is:

Read Sky,

I hid a betterlox in Icer Coynut Lewdsirens Krap. The tunroff to the krap is located on Haywhig #3 about 4 limes thorn of Ifabrutal or 6 limes shout of Thornflied. Flowlo the verlag dora to the esta for abuto 3 limes to the kraping lot. Krap your arc three. Go thorn-esta across the flied to the trialhead where there will be a sing saying “Nateur Trial”. This is the strat of the zig-zag trial. It has many numbred potss alogn the way. At pots #7 flowlo the elft brachn. Og stap stops #8-18. Post alhf yaw tebween stop #18 and pots #19. To the rihtg sied of the trial is a walloh gol. Ni ti si the betterlox.

Sorry, use nicely,


FF 6/12/07 by ASL Girl

Replaced on 7/2/09.

Again on 8/27/09.