Wigwam Hollow Road  LbNA # 31003

OwnerDiamonds inthe Rough    
Placed DateMay 17 2007
LocationMacomb, IL
Found By Yertle
Last Found Jul 16 2015
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When I was a little girl, I had to walk home from school. I went to Western's Lab School and lived on Robin Road. Wigwam Hollow Cemetery was a cool, oak shaded spot high on the hill overlooking the Lamoine river valley. It was a perfect rest stop, halfway home. A spot for a little girl to get lost in her fantasy world of vampires and bats and hauntings! There also used to be a pony right next door. I would save my apples and carrots from lunch and induldge her. Later, when the internet was invented, I found this paragraph about this historic cemetery.

Two acres of land were sold by Robert Garrett to three McDonough County commissioners on July 29, 1836 for use as a public burying ground and for that use only. This is the Old Macomb Cemetery on Wigwam Hollow Road. The two acres sold for $20. In 1855, at the age 85, Robert Garrett died and was buried in the land he sold for use as a cemetery. Images of the Past - Macomb Eagle, Tuesday, September 28, 2004.

Now, many of the stones and oaks are missing, but find your way to the back of the boneyard located near the corner of West Adams Road and WigWam Hollow Road. Near the Southwest corner find Captain Abram Rowe Company C 1st Batallion. This Blue Boy served his state well. Turn 180 Degrees. See the hands clasping firmly? This stone Quad hides your prize.

As Letterboxing is new to this county (This is the VERY first Box ever!) Please be kind and re-hide the box well so the lawn mowers and weed wackers don't get it. I don't live in Macomb anymore, and only come back occassionally for visits.