Protect the Squirrels  LbNA # 31004

OwnerDiamonds inthe Rough    
Placed DateMay 17 2007
LocationMacomb, IL
Found By Music Gal
Last Found Mar 10 2012
Hike Distance?

I was practically born in a trunk at Macomb Community Theater later named Pat Crane Community Theater. My mother and father were both EXTREMELY active in many aspects of the productions there from 1965 to 1985.

I also needed an out of the way place to hide an adorable squirrel! Did you know Macomb has a law that PROTECTS its squirrels?! In a nutshell, (sorry) here it is.

"Section 1 - It shall be unlawful for any person or persons in said city to kill, cripple, or injure any squirrel or squirrels in the city of Macomb, or to throw or toss any stone, clod, stick, or other missile, at any squirrel or squirrels in said city, or to take, carry away, or confine any squirrel or squirrels that are or may be in the court house yard in said city, or in any street, alley, or public place in said city." Macomb City Ordinances, 1897, page 75. "

Since MCT or PCMT is out of the way, just chock full of squirrely actors, and an easy drive any time of the year, That's where I hid this letterbox! Take the South Johnson Blacktop out of town heading south. Go past the Highschool, and just past the entrance to Horn Campus is a house with a lake. Just after the lake, on the left, is Macomb Community Theater. Park in the parking lot, face the building, go around the left side to the back, and find the power pole. The box is sitting on top of it at eye level.

This theater has put on YEARS of wonderful productions - if you get the chance, take in a show. Its small size belies the quality of theater you will experience.