Pic - A - Nic  LbNA # 31011

Placed DateMay 18 2007
LocationSomerset, KY
Planted ByNickknack    
Found By nawticka
Last Found Apr 13 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 26 2015

General Burnside Island State Park

is located just south of Burnside, KY. Burnside, Ky is just south of Somerset, Ky in Pulaski County.

This is a great picnic spot for locals and out of towners.

As you enter the park you'll cross a bridge and head uphill to the main part of the park. Watch the right side of the road and count the picnic areas.

The first one is across from the pool. Right next to the first picnic spot is a shelter and then another picnic spot with a playground. Continue up the hill and at the third picnic area is where you want to stop and park. Bring a picnic and some grillin' supplies because this is a great spot!

Take a compass reading of 40 degrees from the grill. You should be looking at a power pole. There is a label on the pole: South KY RECC #133733. From this pole take another reading of 70 degrees. Just into the trees, You will see a "growing" dead trunk. Located inside is the Pic - A - Nic LB.

Please re-hide carefully!