VBP Signature Series  LbNA # 31017

OwnerVerona Bird Patrol    
Placed DateMay 18 2007
LocationVerona, WI
Found By gotta run
Last Found Jul 4 2010
Hike Distance?

Note 5/30/2011: Box #5 is missing. It will be recarved and replaced soon.

Note 8/17/2010: Box #4 was replaced after notices of finding broken pieces of the box. Clue is updated below. All others were checked and are in place.

Note 5/11/09: Box #1 is replaced! Also checked on box #6, as some notices that it was missing, but it is safe and sound. I did not check Boxes #2-5, but all were in place and safe on 3/21. So as far as I know whole series is A-OK.

Note 3/21/09: Box #1 is missing. It will be recarved and replaced soon. Boxes #2-#6 are all in place and safe.

Note 6/16/08: All boxes survived the burn.

Note 4/8/08: I have just noticed that the park has undergone a controlled burn. Please note the status of these boxes is unknown until I am able to go out and check on them. I am sure some survived the burn, but I am not sure about all.

This letterbox series is located in Badger Prairie Park in beautiful Verona, Wisconsin. Colorful stamps, so bring your inking pens! The whole walk should take about 1 1/2 hours. Enter the Park near the intersection of business 151 and Nesbit Road. Drive into the park, passing the Aeromodeling Field and the Dog Area. Park in the shelter area with the playground. Head North on the trail behind the playground, heading for the treeline. Where the trail makes a T, go left. Look at the base of the 7-trunked tree for Box #1. (Beware of rusty barbed wire!)

Continue on the trail in the direction you were heading, always staying on the straightest path along the treeline. Start counting trail posts. When you reach the 4th trail post, go to the right on the downhill course. Where the trail T’s, go right 15 paces down the trail. In a cherry tree on the right side of the trail (~ 60 degrees), look for a chest-high hole where Box #2 hides.

[A quick check of the site revealed the "downhill course" to be almost completely overgrown. Fight through it. Alternatively, continue straight at the 4th post. When the trail comes to a "T", go right. The trail will circle around the trees and you will end up where the "downhill course" comes out at the T. At this point, you are taking the 15 paces straight down the trail]

Continue on the trail and go straight through the intersections until you come to a shelter. Circle left past the shelters and toward the pond. Take the path going right around the pond. At the far side of the pond opposite the benches, enter the clump of trees and bushes and look in the center of the bushes lining the trail for Box #3.

Continue on the path straight. The Verona Public Library is off to the right. Continue on the path circling the pond, heading generally East, and uphill. Take the deerpath to the left just before the road. Meet up again with the wider trail and go to the right. You will come to a large flat stone in the middle of the path. From here, take 16 steps further. On your right find the box between 2 large stones, with a third on top of Box #4.

Continue on the path, taking the uphill route at the next intersection. AT the bench near the watertower, take a left at the Y. Come to a gravel road and a bench. Continue to the main road and cross it. Where the trail bends, take a compass bearing of 160 degrees. At a clump of aspen, there is a reddish rock ~3 feet off the trail. Look behind the rock for Box #5.

From here, continue on the path until there is a tree close on either side of the path. Stop here and with the tree that was on the left of the path now at your back and lined up with the watertower, take a bearing of 140 degrees. Visit the farthest multi-trunked clump to find Box #6.

You should be able to see your parked car from here. Continue back to the parking lot.