Blockhead  LbNA # 31021

Placed DateMay 19 2007
LocationAustin, TX
Found By Giant Eyeball!
Last Found Oct 15 2014
Hike Distance?

Allen Park is a Travis County Park. Find it. Park in the lot on the WS Drive.

From the lot take the path, past the zigzags, and to the stone steps that head up to the left. At the top, go right, past picnic table no. 2, and up into the play area. Find the big pipe and stand on top of it (with your back to the steps you just came up). Head right down the big path toward the covered picnic area. Go left around the low wall and onto another path, away from the the pavillion.

This path T's into another large path; however, straight across is a smaller, social path. Take this about 20 steps. You should be standing on the second of two flat rocks. 4 steps to the left is a tree with a wild trunk. Look on the far side of it for Blockhead. Please rehide well, with rocks and leaves.

There is no room for a hitchhiker.