Park Vacation  LbNA # 31025

Placed DateMay 18 2007
Location????, IN
Planted Byrubster roam    
Found By samwashere
Last Found Feb 28 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 16 2015

Start in the crossroads of America. Find a park that is always on vacation. A large arachnid has made a web; this is your starting point. You will need to climb to the very top of the web and look for an arrow on the cap.

If you can't make it to the top take a reading on your compass of 320 degrees. Walk 78 Paces to the stone table. (A pace is three adult steps or about 4 for a child)

Sit on the stone table to face the three monoliths. Time to move on so get off your duff and walk through the three monoliths and look for the lonesome tree surrounded by stones.

There is only one stone you can stand on and not see the monoliths you just walked through. Stand on this stone and use your compass to take a reading of 220 degrees. Walk 27 paces.

Turn to your left and follow the winding path back and forth and back and forth and back and forth to the last paver. You should now be at a start of a path going into the woods.

Start walking into the woods and take the very first trail on your left. Up the hill you will see a great big fallen tree. Look under a rock where the roots used to be to find our box.

Put there by Cub Scout Den 7, Pack 514, St. Monica's Church.

Happy trails.