Dominic's First Communion - This is not valid  LbNA # 31030 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 19 2007
LocationPutnam, CT
Planted ByScale    
Found By The Maplines
Last Found Feb 27 2010
Hike Distance?

This was taken, it is no longer there.

Begin in Putnam on Route 44/Pomfret Street At WINY Radio heading towards Pomfret.

Directly across the street from King Cadilac GMC Auto is a small street sign saying "Putnam Self Storage". Turn into this road and follow it until you see a parking lot with numbered spaces on the sides. (these are for flea market stalls). Find the space labled # 36 and face the river. Take 10 Adult paces or (or 12 kid paces)and the box is in the middle of the cluster of tree trunks in front of you.

This box is to celebrate the first communion of Dominic. Not everybody who visits this will be Catholic, but each of us has had milestones in our life that are to be celebrated. Please leave your well wishes for Dominic’s achievement, a memory of a special day of your own or just a favorite saying that has helped you to remain on a good path in this life.

While you are there, enjoy a side of the river that people seldom get to see and a beautiful stand of birch trees.

Be Well!