Ownersurfer girls    
Placed DateMay 20 2007
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Still alive and well as of 10/4/2008


Did you know that Tweety was created in 1942, a little before my time. His original name was “Orson”. His first cartoon was “A Tale of Two Kitties.
Tweety was a cute little yellow canary with a big fat head. He was born pink and had no feathers, so after censors complained they had to change him.

Well the other day I was driving down Windsor road and saw a nice park to visit. I decided to go for walk and to my surprise I saw something that caught my eye. It was a little bird with a big head; he was so scared he turned red. So I asked him what happened and he proceeded to explain.

I was on the sidewalk from the parking lot on Race Street. I was being chased by this cat; I think his name is Sylvester. He chased me down to a wagon that showed the way to the Prairie Restoration Site. I crossed over the bridge followed the path to the first right then turned. I followed this path always staying to my right.

When I thought I had lost him, I was looking around and saw a good place to sit a spell. I was looking to the east and saw a tree and thought this is a good place to hide.

So when he’s not around then I come out to play. When I saw you, I thought maybe you were with Sylvester and was going to tell him where I was.

So I better get back to my hiding place and you can come back and visit me anytime.

Please bring a pen and your own inkpad (red is very good) but any will due. The stamp is 2 ½ x 3.