Scouting the River Trail  LbNA # 31057

Placed DateMay 20 2007
LocationLewisburg, PA
Found By Severus Snape
Last Found Jul 24 2007
Hike Distance?

This box was created for an interest project for our Girl Scout Troop. We hope you find a surprising spot right in the heart of historic, beautiful Lewisburg!
From the street named for the saint who slew the dragon, proceed East to the river. At the boat launch, stop to enjoy the view of the Susquehanna. Then head South on the River Trail - note the sign at the trail head that indicates private property on both sides of the trail - please be respectful. Also, this is a brushy trail and prone to flooding - wear good shoes as well as long pants if you're susceptible to poison ivy!
Less than 1/4 mile along the trail, you will see a white sign high up on a tree on the left side of the trail. From this spot, take 10 paces forward and begin looking for hiding spots. You may have to look back!
Since this trail is prone to flooding, please notify me if the box is gone. ATTENTION: This box has been lost in flooding.