The Nature Trail Marshwalk @ Collipp-Worden Park  LbNA # 31095

Placed DateMay 22 2007
LocationPortage, WI
Planted ByCollip-Worden Park    
Found By The Gamer Ruettens
Last Found Aug 2 2009
Hike Distance?

1.Start your hunt at Collipp-Worden Park. Next to the park sign, on Slifer St., there is a wooden trail sign for The Nature Trail Marshwalk. This is where you will begin your adventure.

2. From this sign you'll spot a post that lightens a trail even in the night hours. Walk towards the post, you're looking for the #8.

3. While gazing upon the #8, you'll spot a line of new trees off to the distant left. Walk to where the path of trees begins.

4. Follow the line of new trees to lucky #7.

5. Where the trail starts is where you will begin counting paces.

6. Start down the trail approximately 30 paces. To your right, you'll see a trunk throne. 2 - 4 more paces along the same path will lead you to a 'V' which will frame the throne where the treasure is kept. Go look for yourself.