Missy Dog Box  LbNA # 31098

OwnerKirsten and Missy    
Placed DateApr 30 2007
LocationLhasa Tibet China, MY
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Missy Dog Letterbox

On the Sera Kora Trail, Lhasa, Tibet

Follow the path clockwise and enjoy the beautiful rock paintings. On the north side of the monastery, look for a clump of trees and rocks on the right side of the trail. The rocks in this area are darker in color then the previous rocks you have passed. Along the path on the left side (at foot level) there is a stone with red writing. On the right side of the path (down the hill a bit)there is a stone with yellow/red writing. Approach this stone with yellow/ red writing. The Missy dog box is in the tree immediately to the left of this rock. Step on top of the large rock on the path-side of this large tree. Place your hand in the hollow and the Missy box should be there.

Place April 30, 2007