Mansfield Block House  LbNA # 31118 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 19 2007
LocationMansfield, OH
Planted Byotterbelly    
Found By riverkat
Last Found Nov 30 2007
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South Park, 100 Brinkerhoff Ave, Mansfield

The original Mansfield Block House was built in 1812 to provide protection from possible Indian attacks during the War of 1812. From 1813 to 1816 it functioned as Richland County's first courthouse. This building is a commemorative structure built in the fall of 1906 for the 1908 Mansfield Centennial Exhibition. After the Centennial, the Block House stood for many years on a site adjacent to the Richland County Courthouse, before being moved in 1929 to its present site in South Park. (from


This is one of thirty-three parks in the Mansfield area and includes public restrooms, picnic areas, some play ground equipment and much room to roam. As always, you should be careful if it seems wet or icy, and bug spray would probably be a good idea in the warmer months.

You will want to park your car or tether your horses near the brick building closest to the Block House. This is where your search begins, in the midst of much history.
Be sure to check out all the historical markers in the park. You can read a memorial to someone from the area who loved fruit, learn about the greatest maritime disaster in U.S. history, and especially the significance of the Mansfield Block House.

After absorbing some local history, face the Block House and turn back to your right. You will see a small white building: walk toward it. After the building there will be a stop for the Gold Spike Railroad, maybe with children playing nearby, and then you can continue around the back of a nearby picnic shelter.

Look for a path leading back into the woods. Go over or around the tree across the path. The path will split around two trees, but you should continue on. Eventually you will have no choice but to step down. Count thirty of the stairs, after you have seen a second symbol of love. What you seek lies hidden behind a large maple on your right.

Remember to keep an eye out for other hikers, poison ivy and the like. Leave your name, where you journeyed from and the date of your visit for others to enjoy. Also, this is my first letterbox, and I welcome any feedback or information on how it’s holding up. Good hunting and Godspeed.