Celtic Knots **temporarily inavailable**  LbNA # 31127 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDublin Dragonfly    
Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationDublin, OH
Found By Bluevelvet
Last Found Aug 11 2009
Hike Distance?

******As of 7/21/09, Rectangle & Circle are missing. A lot has changed in the park since we planted this series. Working on new stamps now and will replace with new locations!!*******

Celtic knots are beautiful works of art and ancient symbols. It is believed that this art began in Northern Italy and was spread throughout Europe, primarily Ireland, Scotland and England, by the Celts. While historians indicate that there is no known meaning in the knotwork but just a method of filling in spaces, most people today associate Celtic knots with varied meanings - triangular shaped knots represent the Trinity, the knots represent endlessness, quadrilaterals represent shields, and so on. Nevertheless, we believe that there was and is a spiritual meaning to Celtic knots which cannot be interpreted except by those who made/make them and those who admire them.

A collection of Celtic knots is yours to find at Donegal Cliffs Park. After you park your car, you will start your hike at the water fountain. The trail heads in a southernly direction; as you meander you will pass both courts and three sets of hands. Once you pass the third set of hands, the trail comes to a “Y’; take the downhill trail to the left. You know you are heading the right way when you see the reflector!! Once you get to this refelcting post, begin to count your paces [1 pace = 2 steps (about 4 feet for this clue)].

From the reflecting post, count 36 paces. You should see a rock cropping to your right; the rock is just past a sycamore tree. The first of the Celtic Knot collection rests under the large rock about 3 paces on the right from the paved trail.

Continue down the paved trail, 24 paces. On the left you will see a stump, surrounded by wild ginger. The second of the collection rests in the stump.

Continue down the paved trail, which curves to the left. On your right you will see a stone path leading to a fire ring. As you enter the fire ring, go to the second rock bench on your right. Face North; the Scioto River will be to your right. Take 3 paces North. You will see several rocks ahead of you to the Northwest, but what you seek is 3 paces West. The third in the collection hides under a rock here.

***From here you can go back to the fire ring and head down the stairs to the river. We have a lot of fun exploring the riverbank!!! But to find the last Celtic Knot, you must return to the paved trail.

Return to the paved trail and continue heading North. You will see the paved trail become a lasso; continue North on the gravel path. This path turns uphill to the left, but there is a path less traveled on the right that you seek. You will see a wooden fence marking the property line which ends at a huge pile of rocks. Stand at the white park boundary post, facing South; 3 paces from the post is a Maple tree wrapped around another. The last of the collection hides under a rock at the base of these trees; an old post points the way!!

Head back to the gravel path and head South the get back to the paved trail that takes you back to the parking lot; it's about a quarter mile round trip. You could also take the gravel trail up the hill and explore an interesting (but sometimes mucky) area, an ancient sea floor (limestone). Just be sure to stay on the park side of the fence!

***Please note that there is a significant amount of poison ivy throughout this park. We attempted to plant the letterboxes close enough to the paved trail and in areas where we didn’t see poison ivy. Please place the letterboxes back carefully and rehide well. This path is walked often and is a favorite spot to “hang out” for the youth, as we are sure you will see. Enjoy your collection of Celtic Knots; we did!!!