Haunted Halloween trail  LbNA # 31139

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationChillicothe, OH
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Nov 27 2009
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Haunted Halloween trail

This is a series of 7 boxes that were used at the SOHT event in 2006. Recently planted in the wild for the annual plant a box day. Since some of the boxes were already listed under 'mystery' I listed the remainders as individual plants so as not to mess up other peoples finds list.

Great Seal State Park.

**I added this box to the site but for some reason it's wouldn't list under my plants. I added this one again so it may show up twice. A search shows both but I am unable to delete the first one due to some glitch.**

This box was first seen as part of a series at the SOHT event and spent the Winter in my basement. This group is post dated for the annual Plant-a-box day. All boxes are placed about a mile in length.

You will have to print out the clues for all seven boxes on this trail separately since some of them were posted before and to change anything messes up F-counts of the finders.

Enter the park by using directions from the several other boxes in this place and seek the Ireland picnic shelter and head up the trail that leads to the top of Sugarloaf.

You will park at the Ireland picnic shelter and find the trail head up the hill to the top of Sugarloaf mountain on past the disk golf course and a couple other boxes on this upward trail.

This trail meanders around away from the hill for a while before turning left after hole 4 and on past hole 5 of the golf baskets. Do not be confused by the messy tangle of trails that cross the early stages of your epic journey. Some of the trails seem to be used by horses as well as us adventurous heroes.

You will come to a place that has a lot of painted markers on trees ranging from red to yellow and orange. The red tree on the turn in the trail is marked with graffiti from Nick to Kam in 98. Walk 10 pace further on to the orange paint trees and count 4 paces north to the damaged root-trunk of a small maple, Here is the Mound City Indian.

Take out the clues for "Down Boy".

his large stamp was located at the SOHT event, but has now been planted in the wilds. 5/8/2007.

At the "Park trail ends" sign, follow the trail to the left, cross the ditch and find the maple with the yellow blaze on the left. Walk 10 paces at about 315 degrees on over to a 7 ft locust stump and find "Down Boy" here at the base.

Follow clues for "No Bones About it" from here.

Head back to the main trail and continue upwards to a log that has dirt piled behind it, sort of a log-step. Find a yellow blazed maple on the left of the trail with a hickory located on the right. Align the maple with the root ball of a downed tree, you should be able to see a hollow base tree just across a valley. Look in the hollow tree under some rocks for "No Bones about it"

Find the clues for "Halloweenies".

Continue on up the trail to a squarish block of sandstone in the middle of the trail, just a little more to another log-step. To the right of this step at 6 paces, locate the end of another uprooted/broken tree. Look on the left side of the stump at ground level under a rock for these Halloweenies.

Next clues: "The Phantom of the Majestic."

This stamp was first seen at the SOHT event.

You can head on to the top for "Wonder Bread" or turn and head back down the trail to box number one.

Here you will follow the horse trail to the left just past the graffiti tree and head on around the trail down and across the ditch. As you approach another ditch, you will notice a downed log pointing right at you, head on up to the far end of that log to find the Phantom of the Majestic theater of Chillicothe.

You can sit on one of the two large rocks on the ground here. Shortcut right on to the trail and continue onward from here.

Next clues:"Frankie".

A temporary plant at SOHT event, now in the wild.

From the two rocks along the trail, continue along the trail about 38 paces to a gully, 8 more paces brings you to a large broken tree lodged in the top of another tree across the gully. You walked under the other end if it's still up in the air when you visit here.

From here it's 68 paces to the bottom of yet another gully, 11 paces brings you to the top of a little hump of land followed by another gully. There is the rotted remains of a log up hill, walk 20 paces up hill at about 130 degrees to the stump and find the box inside. There should be a flat rock leaning against the stump.

I ran into a surveyor here when I was trying to hide this box, be careful, the hills may have eyes.

Get clues for "Cat got yer Tongue".

A temporary plant at the SOHT event but it's now in the wild.

From Frankie, continue on the trail 25 paces to the bottom of another gully, 65 paces to a small rock on the left of the trail at the curve. At this a point there is a faint old road bead heading up and down the hill. You should be seeing 3 uprooted trees on the left of the trail as it curves toward the left as it nears another gully. A couple trees point south and one points north, all are at about a 45 degree angle.

Around these damaged trees, locate a double tree that has one side split off at the base into the top of another tree, it's 140 degrees from the rock . Look for the final box in this stump/split area.

Walk down the faint old (Marietta) road into the bottom of the main gully until you find a wood footbridge near Disk golf hole #7. Just follow the trail on up to the parking lot. Other boxes are located in this spot too.

There are several old trails and roadbeds in this area. The trails are also used by horses and bicycles.

This concludes out letterbox adventure.

You will also need my other boxes in this park nearby.

Wonderbread, Walk a mile cliche', Peas and Carrots, Great Seal Hitchhiker Hostel, Pop Art and Trail Hazard.

I expect to be placing my Pioneer Spirit's F-1000 in this park shortly, so save me some trail space for the plant!