Heart of the Bitterroot  LbNA # 31140

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationCorvallis, MT
Found By Dragon Ryder
Last Found Aug 31 2007
Hike Distance?

Heart of the Bitterroot

Corvallis truly is the Heart of the Valley. The French words: coeur vallee’ literally means heart of the valley.
The valley to which I refer is known as Ravalli County or the Bitterroot Valley. I hid this box in memory of my childhood that took place where I truly could see the valley with Bitterroots all around. Find your way to Corvallis then, take Willow Creek Road east out of Corvallis to Summerdale Road and take a left. Follow Summerdale less than a mile and then take a right on Soft Rock Road. Follow Soft Rock road across the bridge, through sage brush country, for about a ½ mile until it splits. Take the right fork to the first pine trees you see along the side of the road. Then turn into the dirt parking area. Follow the blocked off dirt road for approximately 500 paces. Look to the right side of the road at about 200 paces and there you can see the Bitterroots blooming.. at least they were blooming when I planted this box in the middle of May. As the dirt road crests the hill of sage brush you can see why Corvallis is called the Heart of the Valley. From this point you can clearly see the Bitterroot Mountains from Sula to Florence (on a clear day). The letterbox is found along the left hand side of the road. It is about 20 paces from the grassy crest of the hill (if you lost count) between two very large lichen covered rocks that are along the left hand side of the road. An arrow shaped flat rock covers the box. Please tread lightly- I have never seen rattle snakes here, but prickly pear cactus is very prevalent. As you may see along your hike many people have left trash- bring a bag and collect it if you have time. It makes me sad to see that they treat these beautiful state lands like this.
Enjoy the Heart of the Bitterroot Valley!