Troll fishing- Whose walking over my bridge? Serie  LbNA # 31141 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationCorvallis, MT
Found By sweetpea1
Last Found May 28 2007
Hike Distance?

this one is hiding in a cave and won't come out. I will have to do something to get it into the open. Until then please do not attempt to locate this box.

When Corvallis was originally settled it was called Chaffinville. Elijah and Margaret Chaffin with their children and others first came to the valley in 1864 and passed the winter there. After traveling to Oregon, the Chaffin’s returned in 1866 and settled on land that is the present site of Corvallis. Corvallis to this day is still unincorporated and was platted in 1879. In 1883 Corvallis contained 30 families, several stores, the Methodist Church and School District 1 with 80 children. To complete this history lesson come to Corvallis and see what they have done with their historical Victorian homes. Find the businesses and count the number of spaces for the letter you need to solve this. (Words like “the” are counted and spaces are not counted)

First Street Name:

Christmas Store : 9th letter
Law Office: 8th letter
Gift shop: 8th letter
Quilt shop: 6th letter
Flower Shop: 4th letter
Drug store: 10th letter

Next street name:

Hardware store: 12th letter
Convenience Store: 14th letter
Resturaunt in a Church: 8th letter
Photo Shop: 4th letter

At the corner of these two roads a new community bridge has been built. Under the bridge from this corner you will find the letter box under some rocks. Please hide it again carefully- children spies are all around.