Gone But Not Forgotten: Harts  LbNA # 31178 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationLancaster, OH
Found By Steele Guitar
Last Found Jul 28 2010
Hike Distance?

Deer letterboxers,

This box memorializes Harts, a chain of stores in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia from 1954-1996. One Harts location was next to the Big Bear (and later incorporated into it as a Big Bear Plus) at 1719 East Main Street in Lancaster. "Gone But Not Forgotten: Harts" is found 2.7 miles east of here in Maple Grove Cemetery, 4185 Cincinnati Zanesville Rd NE, Lancaster, OH 43130.

If you're coming from downtown Lancaster, notice two businesses that may end up in this series, but hopefully will not: one of the few remaining Rax restaurants, at 800 East Main; and the Skyview Cruise-In, one of two drive-in theaters in Central Ohio, at 2420 East Main.

The next road after the theater will be Route 37. Main Street will become Route 22/Cincinnati Zanesville Road. The next road will be Snoke Hill, and the cemetery will be the next right. After entering Maple Grove, take the first right and go all the way to the westernmost corner of the cemetery. Here you will find a tree. Walk three paces from the tree toward the creek. Turn left and go two paces to a two-trunked tree. Between the trunks you will find Harts.

TP (carver) & Be God's (planter)

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