Sequoia Search  LbNA # 31197

Placed DateMay 23 2007
LocationEureka, CA
Planted ByA-Geek    
Found By C & H pure VB sugah
Last Found Feb 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Sequoia Search

Sequoia Search

Start at Sequoia Park, and Drive down the road to the duck pond (either road). As you are driving, enjoy the beautiful trees and foliage. Once you reach the bottom, Park and walk to the “Sequoia Creek Trail”. Look for the sign, it’s a bit hidden. Walk down the cool shaded path to a small bench (approx. 80 steps), and make a left onto a less pronounced dirt trail. Walk about 20-25 steps until you see a small tree that has one base and FIVE trunks! Take the trial that is straight and walk another 20-25 steps. [My strides are a bit bigger than everyone else’s ; ) ] In front of you, slightly to your right will be a large blackened stump covered in foliage and logging scars. Behind a slightly large tree at your feet will be a small hole, there you will find the letter box!

Please leave the Box as you found it, resealed as tight as possible, Eureka is a bit rainy. And keep our parks clean!

Several storms hit this are so after a while things might change so don’t worry if things don’t look EXACTLY as I said.