Biking in Ballston  LbNA # 31225

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationBallston Lake, NY
Found By RCFam4
Last Found Sep 13 2017
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Biking in Ballston

The Town of Ballston in Saratoga County has a 3 1/2 mile paved trail, the Veterans’ Memorial Bike Path, which extends from Rt. 146-A in the village of Ballston Lake north to Outlet Road. It follows the old Schenectady-Saratoga Trolley line that once traveled along the side of Ballston Lake. You can see interpretive signs along the trail marking the various trolley stops and giving information on early settlers of the area. Active railroad tracks run parallel between the bikeway and the lake, so you may see a train pass while searching for the letterbox (there are no views of the lake from the path). The box is readily accessible from the northern end of the path (almost a drive-by), but if you have bikes you may prefer to begin at the southern end of the path and do some "Biking in Ballston". Directions for both starting points are included here.

To get to the northern end of the path, from NY Rt. 50 turn east onto Outlet Road (there is a traffic light at this intersection and the Good Times Cafe sign is a good landmark). Proceed to the small parking area, which is on the right just before the railroad crossing (there is an additional parking area a few hundred yards further down the road on the left). From this northernmost trailhead begin hiking or biking south on the paved trail.
Very soon to the right of the path you'll see a historic marker that begins:
"Up the hill from this site, Reverend Ball built his log cabin in 1770 ..."
From there walk 25 double-step paces further on the paved path to a yellow post. Just a bit beyond the post is a little stone cubbyhole just perfect for hiding a letterbox!

While you’re so close, you also may want to visit the fishing pier and scenic overlook at the northern end of Ballston Lake. Proceed a bit further east on Outlet Road. There’s a parking area up a small hill on the left. Walk across Outlet Rd. to the pier access.

To begin your letterbox search at the southern end of the paved trail turn onto Rt. 146A from Rt. 50. After traveling about 1 mile go straight through the caution light. Shortly after there is a small parking area on the left where you'll see the beginning of the bike path. If you cross the railroad tracks you've gone too far. Begin biking north (you'll eventually cross a couple of roads and a small bridge). When you're almost at the end of the path (about 3 1/2 miles) you'll see the above-described historic marker to the left of the path. Backtrack from there following the above directions.

(Another letterbox on this same paved trail is the “Ballston Veterans Bikeway Letterbox”
It was planted by Bill & Craig and is accessed from the southern end of the trail.)