Oak Grove Park Team Adventure's 1.5 mile fun.  LbNA # 31255

OwnerTeam Adventure    
Placed DateMay 27 2007
CountyChesapeake city
LocationOak Grove Park, Chesapeake, VA
Found By adventurebabe
Last Found Jul 12 2014
Hike Distance?

To find Oak Grove Park--Remember your bug spray!
go to I64 W heading toward Suffolk. Take the South Bound Exit for Battlefield Blvd. Stay toward the right and turn right on Volvo Parkway in between the Lowes and Home Depot. Look for the brown sign pointing the way. Turn on the third right Byron. Turn left into park parking lot. You will find your first box in the parking area.
To find the first station, go to the trail head, look to your right and you will see a handicapped parking space. Go behind the fence and you will see a pine straw path. Take 7 steps and on the right you will see two pine trees. Look under the pine straw between the trees.

Letís play!
Go to the baby swings. While standing behind the swings sit on the slide and line up the left pole of the swing with the pines in the shrub. Walk to the pines in the shrub. Look under the pine straw in the middle of the four pines.

Letís go Fishing!
Head to the left, clockwise around the pond. Go past the Port-o Johns then past the .4 mile mark to the fishing pier. Pier Under. Look on the right near the second pole.

See how many pull ups you can do!
At station #6 Look behind the big maple tree amongst some sticks.
ďDonít bark up the wrong tree.Ē

The fishing continues!
Go to the next pier. This time think outside of the box. Scurry amongst the left handed pines in the straw.

You might stop for a picnic!
Sit and rest awhile. Look for the biggest old crooked and bent tree.
A letterbox there might be. Please recover with the leaves!

After your rest get some exercise at the step aerobics station.
Look to the left by a pine or two, dig in the pine straw--by the thin tree--you must do.

The indecision is yours!
Choose between two picnic tables. The Magnolia tree limbs in between will reveal. At a small childís eye level, donít let it stump you!

The waterís edge or maybe a hill.
Go past the picnic area and scurry up the hill. Look to the left of the lookout. A small cedar and a big oak, be careful to not fall in the ditch.

Electrifying experience!
Balance your way to the furthest foot of the great tower! Look to the right on the H2O edge. There are 3 metal bars with a messy hedge. Look in the brush. Please recover well to keep it hush-hush!

The Freeway!
After you get off the freeway, and pass the 1.5 mile mark, you might be tired but almost there, for the last box waits by the pier. Look behind the large deciduous tree intertwined with the cedar tree. Looking to the right, reach into the vines.