A Walk Through The Woods  LbNA # 31257 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationTerre Haute, IN
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By seas the day
Last Found Sep 16 2012
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I would recommend picking up a trail map in the nature center. It contains a lot of interesting information about the self-guided trail you’ll be walking on.

Park near the Garfield Shelter on the west side of the lake. The trail head is marked to enter the Nature Preserve Trail. When you reach marker #4 turn left to follow the self-guided trail.

Continue along the self-guided trail until you reach marker #8 and the beginning of the Old Growth Forest part of the trail. Across from #8 is a very LARGE log. The log and boardwalk form a “V”. The box is under the boardwalk at the point of that “V”.

Continue along the path. At marker #12 you are in a Pawpaw patch. Put your back to the marker. See the very large tree in front of you? Go to that tree and you'll find the box at the base of the tree.

Continue along the path. At marker #15 you will see a broken Beech tree that is nicknamed “shotgun” because it received the pock marks in its trunk from shotgun blasts years ago. The trunk is also covered in name carvings. Investigate around the base of the tree for a nook where someone might have left their shotgun long ago.

Continue along the trail to exit. At marker #17 turn left. When the trail makes a “Y” keep to the left. You should pass a scout sign on your left that says “firebreak”. This trail comes out by Garfield Shelter.

** I have two other stamps hidden in this park.**

Happy Hunting