The Laughing Fish  LbNA # 31260 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2007
LocationWilloughby Hills, OH
Planted BySpot Marks the X    
Found By Fish's Card Room
Last Found Oct 15 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Equipment needed: Mosquito repellant

The Laughing Fish lives in a tree
that is far, far away from the sea.
But come walk with us; follow our clues to a tee -
and the Laughing Fish stamp in your log book will be!

Exit I-271 at Wilson Mills and drive toward the sunrise. Turn left at the gazebo onto SOM Center Road. Pass a tavern named for the Laughing Fish's enemy and a pool with a big slide where the little fish can play.

Park at the lot just after N. Chagrin Parkview Road. If you pass soccer fields you went too far (fish don't have feet -- how would they play soccer anyhow?)

Follow the paved multi-purpose trail into the park. Where the traill forks, go left. ....speaking of forks -- is anyone else thinking fish sticks?

"It's great to be on the trail," so keep to it until the trail meets Buttermilk Falls Parkway. Then, look for the lane where the sun sets. Cross Buttermilk Falls Parkway after the lane, and you'll see the bridle trail.

Follow the bridle trail and take the first left. The Laughing Fish is so close now I can smell him! Oh... wait... that was spot. Bad dog.

A little ways down the trail (about 20 double paces), you'll see a beech tree that professes its "luv" to Cliff. Turn right. Follow the trail to the right -- you may see the real "cliff" on the left. The Laughing Fish's tree is on the right, a little ways down the trail.

Look for the Fish's tree;
part of it lays cross't the path.
It was three feet round when it stood --
I bet it came down with a crash.

the Laughing Fish is wedged 'tween the roots,
under some bark, 'round the back.
Now, dig him out and stamp your book --
Thanks for joining me and Spot on this track!