The Lost Poet  LbNA # 31304

Placed DateMay 27 2007
LocationHenryville, IN
Planted Bylostpoet    
Found By bashers
Last Found Sep 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Clark State Forest, established in 1903, is the oldest state forest in Indiana. The original appropriations to purchase a 2,000 acre tract took place during the administration of Governor Winfield Durbin. In the ensuing 96 years, additional acquisitions have increased this area to the present 24,000 acres. Much of this land was originally part of Clark's Grant, lands provided by a clause in the Virginia Cession of Claims to the Northwest Territory on December 20, 1783.
Now that you have a little history,it's time for the directions.
From Henryville, in Clark Co.,go north 0.9 miles on U.S. 31, then turn left on the main forest road. Park in the picnic grounds on the right after crossing I-65 overpass. The preserve is across the road (south) from the picnic grounds parking lot.
It is marked with the sign White Oaks. Take this trail. through the forestry. You will go through a series of steps and bridges. Take your time and look around. Stunningly beautiful! You continue on until you get to marker #13. When you arrive at marker #13, Stop. Turn around behind you and spy a tall Maple tree to your left. Walk 10 paces.
Look to the front. Youwill see a rock. Go around to the back of the tree and spy anouther rock.
You have found The Lost Poet's LB!
Please leave your stamp, write me a note and be sure to read the poem I wrote for you.
To return to the parking lot just continue on down the path. It leads you right back where you started. Enjoy!