Oakley Island  LbNA # 3132

Placed DateNov 11 2002
LocationOakley, OH
Found ByTeam Mad Dawg
Last UpdateMar 21 2009


Oakley ,Ohio ( Cincinnati ) Hamilton County
Placed : Nov. 11, 2002 by franzsolo...(motofranz@webtv.net )
Difficulty: easy

This is a camouflaged double 35mm film canister microbox ** Please bring a pen, and stamp pad

Directions :
Drive to the heart of Oakley
(Park on the SW side of the 20th Century)

Clues :
Start at the "20th Century "
Take a crosswalk North
Check out the Oakley Kiosk
Now head NE the " Geir Esplanade "
Head SW until you reach the " Hunter " But don't fall off the island !