Owl Moon  LbNA # 31326

Placed DateFeb 1 2007
LocationColumbia, MO
Planted By
Found By Grimm
Last Found Feb 21 2009
Hike Distance?

This was planted for Mr. Ethan- son of the great LB'er lnd-crzr. We wanted to share our love of owls and letterboxing with such a fine crew and now it is release to you.

Start by obtaining a copy of Jane Yolen's children's book Owl Moon. The book opens with a beautiful picture of a farm. To the side of the barn is a large concrete structure similar to one found on a prominent trail in Columbia. We have often wondered why this is there, perhaps it was a farm once also where they stored grain that they later made into flour on a “grindstone"

So now you have located your starting location for this box, you will want to take the first trail to the left past this old farm structure and walk until you find a large fallen tree to your right with much decay. From this point go 23 paces until you see an old metal pipe in front of you. Proceed left into the woods following a path along the bank of the creek. Walk until you see a magnificent 4 trunked giant to your left. Go to this tree and standing in the center go 320 degrees to a 3 trunked giant. Proceed 210 degrees to a fallen giant that points to another fallen giant. From the other fallen giant go left 3 paces and hoot as you seek a hole that holds the box.