Doc and Brutus  LbNA # 31344 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerHeart in Holland    
Placed DateApr 28 2007
LocationBenson/Pomerene, AZ
Found By Baqash
Last Found Jun 7 2012
Hike Distance?

This is a really fun, exploring kinda day. You do not need to visit the Oasis Sanctuary to find this box. It is not inside the Sancutary!

The box is alive and well (thank you to all who visited) on May 1st, 2010. I will be visiting Doc and Brutus this year and will check on the box.

Call The Oasis Sanctuary if you would like a tour. They are not a public zoo and tours are not readily available. It is really good to go to their open house, held the first Saturday each May. There is generally a cost, which includes lunch. And...... I'll see you there! Contact information is at their website or (520)-212-4737. Their website says they like a two week notice to arrange a tour, so it's not a good experience to simply drop in on them. These people dedicated nearly every waking hours to these birds, and they may be more bird people than people people, so keep that in mind. If you arrange a tour you can say you are friends of Doc and Brutus and you would like to see them. These are my Mom's birds (Lynne Curtis 1937 - 2006). Doc is a "special needs" bird. He was born crippled with scoliosis. My mom raised him from an egg. He has a crippled foot and wing. That is why he, and therefore, Brutus (Doc's mom), cannot be out in the new Macaw aviary. If a predator somehow got in, Doc would not be able to fly to safety. They live in the bird barn with other special needs birds. The Oasis Sanctuary is an Amazing Place. Donate a couple of bucks to them, or ask if you can buy something in the gift store. Or bid on their online auctions each November.

Get to Benson, Arizona. Take exit 306 "Benson/Pomerene". Once off the freeway, turn north onto Pomerene Road. The next four miles will wind you through the funky little farming community of Pomerene. At about a mile and a half you will get to a Stop sign. Make a RIGHT. You are still on Pomerene Road after you turn.

Toward the end of Pomerene you will see a Dairy on the left with black and white cows. Wave to the cows and say "So glad you haven't MOOved!" =) Shortly past the Dairy, the road makes a sharp bend to the left. Here the road changes names to "Cascabel Road". There is a small green mile marker under the street sign that says "0". Drive to mile marker "20".

Simply follow the road. It is the only road around. Watch out for Cattle and wild life. Look for Gummons Gulch on the left. This is great place to stop. This guy has built himself an old west town out of all original materials. Lots of his stuff was in the movie "Tombstone". He will give you a tour for $7. I loved this guy. He was in a couple of John Wayne movies as a boy. He has really cool stuff to look at and stories to match. Once you are done here, keep mosey-ing down the road.

Between mile markers 15 and 16 the blacktop road ends. The last five miles of the journey are a county-maintained dirt road. Driving around 40 miles per hour is the best... least number of bumps, but not so fast that you slide about. If is has been raining hard, do not cross washes if there is water running in them!!!

Just about a quarter mile past mile marker 20 you will see a 4' x 4' white sign with the logo for The Oasis Sanctuary. It has a big green arrow pointing to the left. You will see a tiny, unmarked dirt road on the left. Turn on to it. Immediately you will see mailboxes to your right. Park right there, but a bit out of the way so if someone comes to get their mail your car isn't in the way.
Wouldn't you know? When I was checking the letterbox last year (Thank you to all of you from Ohio, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico and California!) someone came to fetch their mail when I was parked there. (If they inquire while you are sitting in your car, just say this was a good spot to pull over and "get organized" before turning around to visit Gummons Gulch.

Across from the mailbox is a triangle of land with scub and trees. Look to the left side of the big tree and you will find the letter box hidden in the tall grasses.(I hope!) There are a few big rocks on it for good measure. have pictures of Doc and Brutus on the inside of the lid, so you can see what they look like. There is a pen and ink, in case you forget yours. The stamp, which I found in my mom's belongings when I was packing up her household goods. Also, the journal, which I love reading when I return to visit Doc and Brutus each year.

This year, (May 1st, 2010) Doc and Brutus asked me to leave a tiny trinket for the next letterboxer. There is a DVD about the Oasis for this years treats. Also, there is a Oasis newsletter so you really get to know the oasis. No need to leave anything in return.

I can only visit this letterbox once a year when I go to visit Doc and Brutus. Please let me know how it is doing!

Heart In Holland