The Old Arbutus  LbNA # 31345

Placed DateMay 27 2007
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationMayne Island, BRC
Planted ByUternity    
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Hike Distance?

The first step in this quest is to get to Mayne Island. BC Ferries is the obvious choice, unless you have a boat!

As soon as you're out of the Village Bay Ferry terminal, turn left and head towards the bay made famous by the people who stopped by on their way to the gold rush. Before you get there though, you'll need to turn right onto Felix Jack Road. If you get to the Trading Post, you've gone too far!

Enjoy the drive on this road for 0.8 km. At this point, you will turn right onto the road that has the same name as the first name of Canada's only female prime minister. Proceed up the road until you can go no further. Park in the turnaround.

You'll notice some stone stairs going down. You'll know you're in the right place if you see a sign welcoming you to a park that has a "fat" name. Follow the wiggly trail up, up,up until a "T" intersection. Turn left.

Do you see two posts ahead? Good. From the posts, go straight ahead for 4 minutes. Don't take the "low" road. Fruit "loops" are not your favorite cereal. The straight path is the way to go.

4 minutes later, you should see a sign, but you may have to be walking backwards to see it! A short walk to the left will take you to the big leafed evergreen that you seek.

Look for the large hollow on the tree. No, what you seek is not in here! With your back to the hollow, walk 14 paces up the natural stone steps and look for a hollow in the mossy rocks. Use caution - slippery when wet!
Please replace the rocks carefully when done.

Good luck!
Team Uternity