The Lake  LbNA # 31361 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 26 2007
LocationWellsboro, PA
Planted Byeagle    
Found By the flower petals
Last Found Oct 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Find Hills Creek State Park. Turn right at the park entrance sign. Cross the bridge & look at the pretty view across the lake. Go straight past the Park office. Turn left onto Kelly's Swamp Lane. Pull into the first parking lot on your right and look for the 1.5 mile trail. Start your journey there. Enjoy the scenery and wonderful smell during your walk. Walk under the fallen tree and keep walking until you reach the Y. Don't take the left. Keep
walking through the pines but stay on the path. Look for the moss covered fallen tree on your right. Jump the log & look under it! Happy Hunting!
P.S- the first person to find this box gets the treasure inside it! We'll replace the treasure occasionally!