Butterfly Dreams  LbNA # 31390

Placed DateMay 29 2007
LocationWake Forest, NC
Planted ByThe Tink    
Found By Sudoku Crazy
Last Found May 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly Dreams is located in Youngsville. Several numbers are in its mixes. It is off of Hwy 96 which can be reached by 98 or 401's Highways, no tricks. From Zebulon head toward Youngsville. Pass the church on your right who gets its name from Corinthians. Turn right by a sign who mentions its breezes are gentle. If you reach the sign whose rocking chair drives on the sandy pines, you have gone too far. Go forward past the breezes that are lazy on the right. Turn left at the end of the street. You should see a backyard with a very patriotic building in it on your left now. Go forward and turn onto the rocking chair. Move forward to the location that is the opposite of new beginnings. Go until you stop. Look to your right until you see a cluster of trees that are there no more. You will find the box there where butterflies might be fluterring, and if you catch it in spring or summer, you may get the treat of sweet smelling honeysuckle.