Footsteps of the Past  LbNA # 31410

Placed DateMay 28 2007
LocationDeer Lodge, MT
Found By WildKratts
Last Found Sep 1 2015
Hike Distance?

I have fond memories of visiting the town of Deer Lodge to see my grandma. Now most of my relatives are gone, but I still love to visit and think about those who have gone before.

To find this letter box take I-90 to Deer Lodge and exit onto Deer Lodge's main street. Turn west onto Milwaukee Ave. Follow Milwaukee Avenue until you come to the Hillcrest Cemetary off the left side of the road.

Enter the Cemetary at the first entrance. and then turn west on the first road that runs east/west. Go west passing two more roads and then turn south (left) onto the third road. Up ahead on the west side of the road will be a weeping birch and underneath this tree are two large headstones.

These are the headstones of the Kohrs family and John Bielenburg, two influential settlers of the Deer Lodge Area. Go around the back of the headstones and inbetween them, you will find the "footsteps of the past" letterbox.

Please make sure to place this letterbox so that the rocks look as natural as possible. We took great pains to find rocks that matched the headstones, so make sure those are on top. Thanks!