Past Post ~Carbonate  LbNA # 31414

Placed DateMay 29 2007
LocationMullan, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 29 2013
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is another Past Post found in the Silver Valley area.
You will need to find your way to Mullan Idaho. It is along I-90 in Shoshone County. Take exit 69 if coming from the east or west. Turn north and drive to Friday Avenue just off the highway. Also here you will see The Lucky Friday Mine. Turn east on Friday Ave. Travel along this road until it forks. Take the right fork, Willow Creek Road. Travel this across a single lane bridge that goes over 1-90 and travels up the canyon. After crossing the single lane bridge travel up National Forest Road 8008 for 0.7 miles. This road is narrow and bumpy but passible. After traveling the 0.7 miles, you will see a debris field. Mounds of dirt/gravel, old metal and parts of timbers on both sides of the road. It is pretty open here so you should not miss it.
This is a good place to pull to the side of the road and start the walking part of the hunt.
Stand in the middle of the dirt road here. Can you picture a train tressel above you? Well you are in a place that would have been under the wonderous S-Bridge. Turn west and make your way over the mounds of dirt. In approximately 100 feet you should see a metal sheet in a dip. If you look to your right from this point, you should see an old green fender from a truck, you should also be hearing the creek. Walk in the direction of the sound of the creek. Travel through the brush and as the ground drops away, you should see a game travel going down the slope towards the water. Follow this short game trail until you reach more level ground. Walk over to the creek and stand on something that if you didn't know a bridge was at one time overhead would look somewhat out of place. Find the square hole with some rocks piled in it. Stand over this hole and turn you back to the creek. Walk back 15 steps until a small cedar tree blocks your way. If you look under this tree, and back a little, you should see remnace of the tressle. This letterbox rests under the timber covered with some rocks and leaves.
After finding this letterbox you can travel on up the road to a small saddle. There is a picnic table and a bathroom. This is more the location of the town of Carbonate, but I wanted to place the letterbox close to the S-Bridge. The
Carbonate Hill Mine is on the Mountain to the south. Also the Reindeer Queen Mine was in this area. The roads with gentle grades were railways. This area was heavily tracked and there is still evidence to be found of that era. Hope you enjoy the hunt and the area, but mostly the history.
Thanks for playing along and God bless. Sincerely, Sondog

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