Home and Garden Too  LbNA # 31417 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMichel LaBranche    
Placed DateApr 28 2007
LocationKnoxville, TN
Found By NanniPapawTo4
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

Find and enter the E. TN Res. & Edu. Ctr. I will presume you walked in, or rode a bike, because I don't want to have to direct you to a parking lot where you don't have to worry about some Barney Fife giving you a parking ticket. I will say there is a safe, free lot within 150 yards of the area. There is also a second one for maybe a dozen cars or so only 25 yards or less from the entrance.

Once inside the area, there is a wide red and brown path you should take. Stroll and admire... la-de-da.... Like the 'Koehne Holly'? A beautiful specimen.... la-de-da... Oooops! Whazzat! It looks like a broken heart! Oh my! Some incident left a terrible hole in someone's heart!

At a bearing of thirty degrees, there is a chair with some occasional white polka dots (thank you Moon) you can sit at if you need to collect your thoughts and ponder a broken heart you might have had sometime in your life. The Cercis hybrid is worth noting. Doesn't look like any Cercis I know. Beautiful from crown to Ground!

No potable water in area; portapottys are available, however. Okay to walk on grass.