Tanyard Creek Letterbox (hidden with K9!)  LbNA # 31434 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 22 2007
LocationBella Vista, AR
Planted ByStamper Bee    
Found By purple butterflies
Last Found Nov 1 2007
Hike Distance?

after the recent rains, it was reported to me that this one has been moved to a nearby sign. i'll fix the box soon!

To get to Tanyard Creek Nature Trail from HWY 71 take HWY 340 (Town Center Exit) west. Watch for the Lake Windsor Dam on your left. Below the dam, turn left on Westford Lane and right into the parking lot. The trail leads off from the Pavilion to the right. http://www.beautifulbellavista.com/tanyardcreek.htm

Park in the lot at Tanyard Creek if it's the Tanyard Creek letterbox that you seek!!

Time to get out of your car - the letterbox is not too far!

Follow the path until the asphalt ends - continue straight on the gravel - do not bend.

Take a left after the first bridge - now on your right should be a pond and a ridge.

Continue on this little trek - when you get to the "y" stay to the left.
(To the right is the waterfall - save this for later - it's fun for all!)

Soon you will see a sign for "ninebark" - you can read these signs all over the park.

Then you will find another bridge of wood. You could cross it - yes, you could - but instead take a turn to your right. The letterbox is up this hill and out of sight.

Climb the hill and spy the lone tree. Now look down to the left, a large slab of rock you will see. Under this slab remove some rocks and you will find a letterbox!!