A Boat That Can Carry Two  LbNA # 31451

Placed DateMay 27 2007
LocationTionesta, PA
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This box is hidden along the Allegheny river near Tionesta.
I'm particularly fond of this box because I hope it will encourage others to learn to canoe or kayak or do something extra to find it. The Allegheny is a relatively gentle river, with amazing views, and plenty of small islands to camp on. There are also cabins to rent along its path.

We rented a canoe from Fox Run Canoe Rentals just south of Tionesta, about 1 mile North from Pioneer Village on Route 62. (North of Oil city, South of Tionesta)
The people who run the rentals here were great, and I highly suggest renting from them, but there are other places to rent canoes in the area as well, if you don't have one of your own.

We took the 5 mile trip. With our boat entering the water at the lighthouse upstream. You can enter here or take a longer trip for 12 miles, or longer. It's up to you. Its an easy float, with a scenic view most days, but be prepared to run into white caps and strong winds (just like we did when a thunderstorm rolled in on a hot sunny day), and know how to get yourself safely to shore.

From the Lighthouse we headed downstream about 4 miles to an old green bridge, with a golf course on the right side of the river. The letterbox is on the left side of the river (opposite the golf course). As you approach the bridge pull off to the left shore where there are a number of large rocks at the base. Look for the stream running down the hill to the left of the bridge (that's if your facing the hill, not the water).. the box is hidden in a hole at the base of a tree near the stream (to the left of the stream), with a rock covering it. (it's up hill a little!). There's a sort of path that goes up hill and to the left. Follow that a little, and head back towards the stream. If you're the sort that's willing to canoe for a letterbox, I'm sure you'll also be willing to search around a bit for it also.

Good Luck. Bring own Ink Pad and Pen.
Any Color will do, but I suggest Blue.
The rocks near the bridge are a good place to picnic.