United Kingdom box  LbNA # 31456 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 31 2007
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By Martin family five
Last Found Jul 28 2007
Hike Distance?

This UK box is located on the campus of the University of Richmond and is a suitably short walk to take children with you for a great family outing. Start out at the corner of the Tyler Haynes Commons Building. The building will be to your immediate left, a low brick wall and Westhampton lake to your right, and behind you at the top of a small hill is the library. Start walking, keeping the lake to your right at all times. Do not veer from this path and please ignore the left fork. If you're very observant you may spot the resident heron. Eventually you will see a footbridge ahead which spans the lake. Stop at the footbridge and admire the gazebo on your right. Later you may want to investigate the large turtles who live below it. Maybe bring some bread to feed the numerous ducks too. For now you are going to start climbing the wooden steps to your left. Stop at the 11th step and face the double tree on your right. Walk a few paces to a solitary log. Step over the log. Turn and take 3 paces uphill. Search and ye shall find! Happy hunting.