The Louisiana Senator  LbNA # 31458

Placed DateMay 24 2007
CountyEast Baton Rouge
LocationBaton Rouge, LA
Planted ByVeritas    
Found By Lucy Locket
Last Found Nov 24 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 30 2015

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Go to the Louisiana State Capitol Grounds and find the Old 1838 Arsenal.

There is an aerial shot of the arsenal here:

And there is a map of the Capitol Lake and the Louisiana State Capitol Area here:

Start behind the arsenal at the foot of the hill on the concrete walkway. Stand behind a small park bench and face West up the hill towards the back of the arsenal and the State Capitol. You should be able to see the top of the State Capitol over the wall of the arsenal.

Looking slightly to your right as you face the back of the arsenal, walk up the hill and you will find to your right three very large bushes/shrubs. In May these bushes should be filled with pink and white flowers. Pick the left-most bush (if you are still facing the back of the arsenal) on the end of the row closest to the State Capitol. Hidden in the dense trunk of this bush underneath some pieces of bark you will find The Senator. Remember to bring your own ink pad and to rehide well underneath the pieces of bark.

Happy Hunting!