Texas Dragon  LbNA # 31478 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 29 2007
LocationAnahuac, TX
Planted By4anglers    
Found By 4anglers
Last Found Jul 25 2008
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Placed by: Sharky of the 4Anglers

So we called this one "Texas Dragon" for our kids. We visit the Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge several times a year on trips back from Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula (placed other LBs there, too). When our children were younger, they would ask if we could stop to see the dragons (aka the alligators at the Refuge). Now they are older and don't call them dragons, just "Alligators" or our southern version "Gators." The Refuge has lots of alligators. We always lose count when we have tried to count them. It is grand place to visit, loaded with all kinds of wildlife. There are countless bird species, reptiles and fish. So, look up the ANWR on the web for what to bring, stuff like insect repellent and water (they don't have drinking water there, bathrooms-yes). Silver Eagle also has the "Anahuac Anhinga Micro Box" there.


From Houston, take I-10 east and exit at the Anahuac/Hankamer exit, then go south 2 miles to FM 562. Continue south for 8.3 miles to FM 1985, then 4 miles east to the Refuge entrance on the right. Drive down the "now paved" road 3 miles to the information station and sign in/get map.


Start your search by taking a drive pass the Willows and continue around Shoveler pond. See if you can spot any Texas Dragons. On your way back, right before the Willows you will see a couple of brown signs. They state Authorized Vehicles Only, a pedestrian sign, a pair of binoculars. Behind these signs about 5
feet back is a large tree. The micro camo Lb in hanging in this tree about 2 feet off the ground, left of the signs. Please be careful, beware that there are gators, snakes, and other critters all in the refuge, including in The Willows. Happy Hunting!

PLEASE BE CAREFUL AT THE REFUGE. Wear insect repellent, gloves, and bring a walking stick. This is a wildlife habitat, not a human habitat. I don't want to scare anyone, but yes, there is sometimes gators and snakes on the trails (yes, gators -- been there, done that). Even with that said, it is a wonderful place and very special to my family.

If you want to look for more LBs not too far away, look up High Island. Brown Dog has "Birds of a Feather" there at the Smith Oak Bird Sanctuary (they have three bird sanctuaries in High Island). (FM 1985 will take you to TX 124(right)to High Island, and then to Hwy 87(right)all the way down the Bolivar Peninsula) We have a few more planted down on the Bolivar. Happy Hunting!