Prairie Preserve: Ada Hayden Park  LbNA # 31498

Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationAmes, IA
Found By The Flutter Byes
Last Found Nov 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Bring your own ink.
Level of terrain difficulty: easy
Time required after parking: 15-20 to the letterbox.

• Note: This box was RELOCATED and replaced on 5/15/08. It currently has no log-book, but the stamp is there. •

From Ames, head north on Hwy 69 (aka Grand Avenue). Ada Hayden park is on the west/left side of the road just north of town, maybe a mile or so. Park by the picnic shelter.

From the parking lot follow the multi-purpose path to the south and west (which will take you in front of and past the picnic shelter and away from the highway).
• The path will bend through a series of curves around the lake. You will pass an aluminum dock, a sitting bench, and then another sitting bench, as you curve back and forth.
• About 8-10 minutes' walk will find you at a memorial stone for John F. Lacey on your left, and then a trailhead for "Upland Trail". Take this trail to the right and continue on the gravel walking path.
• You will wind around a series of curves and come to some stone retaining walls on the right side of the path and a stone marker that says "Skunk River Overlook".
• After you pass the Skunk River marker on your right and just before you enter the tall shade trees, leave the path and go to your left, walking along the treeline. There will be a conspicuous white rock on your right in the tall grass, and beyond that a few feet there is a pile of downed tree branches with a mound of earth, covered in grass. See the box beneath the branches. Congratulations!