Etc, etc, etc  LbNA # 31506

Placed DateJun 1 2007
LocationAustin, TX
Found ByDawns Glory (Attempted)
Last UpdateNov 28 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is within the Austin city limits, right off the Drag from UT!!!

Clues: first find yourself at the intersection of Guadalupe and 26th.

The letterbox is hidden at a restaurant where the King of Siam would dine. As he stands behind his many wives, behind all seven eleven of them, he will say, "The noodles are delicious, great, delightful, etc, etc, etc." Once you find the restaurant, stand in the front, between two artificial lit palm trees. Look to your right, finding 4 rectangular flower beds. The letterbox is hidden behind one of them!

Once you find, stamp, and enjoy some great noodles!

Please let me know the status!