Whale Watch  LbNA # 31507

OwnerWee Walkers      
Placed DateJun 2 2007
LocationParma, OH
Found ByMamalamb2010 (Attempted)
Last UpdateApr 14 2013


In the land of pierogies where Redmen roam you will sight a whale, there she blows.

The school trip to Maine was planned in advance kayayaking, whale watching, biking and hiking ... maybe some boxing.

Nope, no boxing this time, schedule too full. Instead of a release near open water she came home with us via Continental.

Now she rests atop a hill near disc #3. 8 paces north to the start of the path a crumbling 1' stump is where she will be.

Many redmen walk these routes so be stealthy and cover well.